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Multiplayer bets just got simple

Casama is the betting app for you and your friends. Bet money on sports prediction games without the hassle of having to collect, manage, and pay out funds manually. Launch bets in minutes, settle them automagically 🪄

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Start bet pool & challenge friends

Launch bet pool, either for a single event or multiple events. Find your friends without knowing their crypto addresses and invite them to join your pool.

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Collect funds in minutes

Each pool is a smart contract with a treasury that manages the funds of all participants. It can be funded directly via PayPal or Transak.

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Bet in a few clicks

Make score predictions on matches with a few clicks. Choose between low, mid, high stakes or create a private custom game.

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Settle bets automatically

Bets are resolved based on the outcome determined by an oracle. Funds are then automatically paid out to the winner(s) accordingly.

Easily launch pools & have fun

DAO Launcher

Launch betting pool as mini-DAO without knowing it

Proxy Wallet

Interact with human friendly addresses & without gas


Easily move fiat ($) in and out as stablecoin (USDC)

DEX Integration

Swap tokens in betting pool (more integrations coming)

Collect money & settle bets in minutes ⚡️

That's right, Casama lets you launch betting pools on your phone as easy as starting a group chat. Automate all the tedious transactions and calculations. All bets are settled automatically.

Join early and claim bonus

$5 starting bonus